The objective of hookr.io is simple– get designers & developers the information they actually need… quickly.

Device Agnostic

Get optimized information from the resource that caters to your workflow.

Simplified UI

Index screens are infinitely-scrollable and filterable. Say goodbye to seemingly endless pages of results and extraneous clicking.

Take Your Pick

The hookr.io index contains the latest 5 versions of each Theme, Plugin & WordPress Core.

Details Details…

Following a similar format to PHP's detail pages, hookr.io provides a familiar experience with annotated code signatures & descriptions.


Hookr.io not only provides what file & line(s) the code/object is defined, but also any related hook callbacks sharing the same tag name or signature.

Usage Examples

Dynamically generated usage blocks are available for every action, filter, function & constant for your development pleasure.

Annotated Source

Who knew that viewing source code could be so much fun?! Navigate hookr.io's hyperlinked & annotated source code blocks to find what you need… quickly.

That's it?

Well yea… for now. As features are fine-tuned and usage increases, new tools will be developed and integrated with hookr.io.