The MH Corporate lite mh display theme info page function.




  1. if ( !function_exists( 'mh_display_theme_info_page' ) ) { 
  2. require_once '/admin/admin.php'; 
  5. // NOTICE! Understand what this does before running. 
  6. $result = mh_display_theme_info_page(); 

Defined (1)

The function is defined in the following location(s).

  1. function mh_display_theme_info_page() { 
  2. $theme_data = wp_get_theme(); ?> 
  3. <div class="theme-info-wrap"> 
  4. <h1><?php printf(__('Welcome to %1s %2s', 'mhc'), $theme_data->Name, $theme_data->Version ); ?></h1> 
  5. <div class="theme-description"><?php echo $theme_data->Description; ?></div> 
  6. <hr> 
  7. <div class="theme-links clearfix"> 
  8. <p><strong><?php _e('Important Links:', 'mhc'); ?></strong> 
  9. <a href="" target="_blank"><?php _e('Theme Info Page', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  10. <a href="" target="_blank"><?php _e('Support Center', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  11. <a href="" target="_blank"><?php _e('Rate this theme', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  12. <a href="" target="_blank"><?php _e('Facebook', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  13. <a href="" target="_blank"><?php _e('Twitter', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  14. <a href="" target="_blank"><?php _e('YouTube', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  15. </p> 
  16. </div> 
  17. <hr> 
  18. <div id="getting-started"> 
  19. <h3><?php printf(__('Getting Started with %s', 'mhc'), $theme_data->Name); ?></h3> 
  20. <div class="row clearfix"> 
  21. <div class="col-1-2"> 
  22. <div class="section"> 
  23. <h4><?php _e('Theme Documentation', 'mhc'); ?></h4> 
  24. <p class="about"><?php printf(__('Need any help to setup and configure %s? Please have a look at the instructions on the Theme Info Page or read the Documentations and Tutorials in our Support Center.', 'mhc'), $theme_data->Name); ?></p> 
  25. <p> 
  26. <a href="" target="_blank" class="button button-secondary"><?php _e('Visit Documentation', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  27. </p> 
  28. </div> 
  29. <div class="section"> 
  30. <h4><?php _e('Theme Options', 'mhc'); ?></h4> 
  31. <p class="about"><?php printf(__('%s supports the Theme Customizer for all theme settings. Click "Customize Theme" to open the Customizer now.', 'mhc'), $theme_data->Name); ?></p> 
  32. <p> 
  33. <a href="<?php echo admin_url('customize.php'); ?>" class="button button-primary"><?php _e('Customize Theme', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  34. </p> 
  35. </div> 
  36. <div class="section"> 
  37. <h4><?php _e('Upgrade to Premium', 'mhc'); ?></h4> 
  38. <p class="about"><?php _e('Need more features and options? Check out the Premium Version of this theme which comes with additional features and advanced customization options for your website.', 'mhc'); ?></p> 
  39. <p> 
  40. <a href="" target="_blank" class="button button-secondary"><?php _e('Learn more about the Premium Version', 'mhc'); ?></a> 
  41. </p> 
  42. </div> 
  43. </div> 
  44. <div class="col-1-2"> 
  45. <img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/screenshot.png" alt="Theme Screenshot" /> 
  46. </div> 
  47. </div> 
  48. </div> 
  49. <hr> 
  50. <div id="theme-author"> 
  51. <p><?php printf(__('%1s is proudly brought to you by %2s. If you like this WordPress theme, %3s.', 'mhc'),  
  52. $theme_data->Name,  
  53. '<a target="_blank" href="" title="MH Themes">MH Themes</a>',  
  54. '<a target="_blank" href="" title="MH Corporate lite Review">' . __('rate it', 'mhc') . '</a>'); ?> 
  55. </p> 
  56. </div> 
  57. </div> <?php