NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Actions By Helpful Media

Version 2.1.5The essential add-on for the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin. Optimizer improves your site’s page load speed, by preventing NextGEN’s scripts and stylesheets from loading on posts and pages without NextGEN Gallery content. Learn more. Optimizer also includes an enhanced version of the fantastic Fancybox lightbox script, and only loads it on appropriate posts and pages with NextGEN Gallery content. The result? Gorgeous galleries and a speedy site! Learn more. Optimizer v2.1.5 currently supports (and is tested compatible with) NextGEN Gallery (v2.0.0 to v2.1.60), NextGEN Legacy (v1.6.2 to v1.9.13) and NextCellent Gallery (v1.9.14 to v1.9.31). ***Upgrade to Optimizer Pro*** for the new NextGEN Gallery Deactivator feature. A whole new level of speed optimization, that only loads NextGEN’s PHP code on posts and pages with NextGEN Gallery content. Also included in Optimizer Pro is the new Dynamic Fancybox Settings Interface. The fastest and easiest way to customize Fancybox. Set title styles, background color and opacity, make Fancybox responsive and more. See it in action on Optimizer’s settings page, or check out the website for a live demo. By Helpful Media.

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