The Jetpack by WordPress.com wpme more info connected function.




  1. if ( !function_exists( 'wpme_more_info_connected' ) ) { 
  2. require_once ABSPATH . PLUGINDIR . 'jetpack-by-wordpress-com/modules/module-info.php'; 
  5. // NOTICE! Understand what this does before running. 
  6. $result = wpme_more_info_connected(); 

Defined (1)

The function is defined in the following location(s).

  1. function wpme_more_info_connected() { ?> 
  2. <div class="jp-info-img"> 
  3. <a href="http://wp.me/sf2B5-shorten"> 
  4. <img class="jp-info-img" src="<?php echo plugins_url( basename( dirname( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) ) . '/images/screenshots/shortlinks.png' ) ?>" alt="<?php esc_attr_e( 'WP.me Shortlinks', jetpack ) ?>" width="300" height="150" /> 
  5. </a> 
  6. </div> 
  8. <p><?php esc_html_e( "Instead of typing or copy-pasting long URLs, you can now get a short and simple link to your posts and pages. This uses the super compact wp.me domain name, and gives you a unique URL you can use that will be safe and reliable.", jetpack ) ?></p> 
  9. <p><?php esc_html_e( "To use shortlinks, go to any already published post (or publish something new!). A “Get Shortlink” button will be visible under the Post title. When you click it, a dialog box will appear with the shortlink and you can copy and paste to Twitter, Facebook or wherever your heart desires.", jetpack ) ?></p> 
  10. <?php