Allow menu items to be filtered, but pass in parent menu item IDs.


apply_filters( 'ddw_gftb_menu_items', (unknown) $menu_items, (unknown) $prefix, (unknown) $gravitybar, (unknown) $gfsupport, (unknown) $gfdocs, (unknown) $gffaq, (unknown) $gfsites, (unknown) $gfsettings, (unknown) $gfsubsettings, (unknown) $gfforms, (unknown) $gfformlist, (unknown) $gfentries, (unknown) $gfimportexport, (unknown) $gfaddonsinstalled, (unknown) $gfaoauthorizenet, (unknown) $gfaoaweber, (unknown) $gfaocampaignmonitor, (unknown) $gfaocoupons, (unknown) $gfaofreshbooks, (unknown) $gfaomailchimp, (unknown) $gfaopaypal, (unknown) $gfaopaypalpaymentspro, (unknown) $gfaopaypalpro, (unknown) $gfaotwilio, (unknown) $gfaouserreg, (unknown) $gftpaopideal, (unknown) $gftpaostripe, (unknown) $gftpaowysija, (unknown) $gftpaoshootq, (unknown) $gftpaoconstantcontact, (unknown) $gftpaoicontact, (unknown) $gftpaomadmimi, (unknown) $gftpaoexacttarget, (unknown) $gftpaoinfusionsoft, (unknown) $gftpaoymlp, (unknown) $gftpaodpspxpay, (unknown) $gftpaoqlimit, (unknown) $gftpaobluepay, (unknown) $gftpaopaystation, (unknown) $gftpaogffdgg, (unknown) $gftpaomarketo, (unknown) $gftpaohighrisecrm, (unknown) $gftpaoconvio, (unknown) $gftpaohighrisekatz, (unknown) $gftpaogfperiodicmails, (unknown) $gfextensions, (unknown) $extensions, (unknown) $extpideal, (unknown) $extpidealpayments, (unknown) $extpidealconfigurations, (unknown) $extgfsolve360, (unknown) $gftpaogravityperks, (unknown) $gftpaogfstyler, (unknown) $gfgroup ); 

Parameters (54)

0. $menu_items (unknown)
The menu items.
1. $prefix (unknown)
The prefix.
2. $gravitybar (unknown)
The gravitybar.
3. $gfsupport (unknown)
The gfsupport.
4. $gfdocs (unknown)
The gfdocs.
5. $gffaq (unknown)
The gffaq.
6. $gfsites (unknown)
The gfsites.
7. $gfsettings (unknown)
The gfsettings.
8. $gfsubsettings (unknown)
The gfsubsettings.
9. $gfforms (unknown)
The gfforms.
10. $gfformlist (unknown)
The gfformlist.
11. $gfentries (unknown)
The gfentries.
12. $gfimportexport (unknown)
The gfimportexport.
13. $gfaddonsinstalled (unknown)
The gfaddonsinstalled.
14. $gfaoauthorizenet (unknown)
The gfaoauthorizenet.
15. $gfaoaweber (unknown)
The gfaoaweber.
16. $gfaocampaignmonitor (unknown)
The gfaocampaignmonitor.
17. $gfaocoupons (unknown)
The gfaocoupons.
18. $gfaofreshbooks (unknown)
The gfaofreshbooks.
19. $gfaomailchimp (unknown)
The gfaomailchimp.
20. $gfaopaypal (unknown)
The gfaopaypal.
21. $gfaopaypalpaymentspro (unknown)
The gfaopaypalpaymentspro.
22. $gfaopaypalpro (unknown)
The gfaopaypalpro.
23. $gfaotwilio (unknown)
The gfaotwilio.
24. $gfaouserreg (unknown)
The gfaouserreg.
25. $gftpaopideal (unknown)
The gftpaopideal.
26. $gftpaostripe (unknown)
The gftpaostripe.
27. $gftpaowysija (unknown)
The gftpaowysija.
28. $gftpaoshootq (unknown)
The gftpaoshootq.
29. $gftpaoconstantcontact (unknown)
The gftpaoconstantcontact.
30. $gftpaoicontact (unknown)
The gftpaoicontact.
31. $gftpaomadmimi (unknown)
The gftpaomadmimi.
32. $gftpaoexacttarget (unknown)
The gftpaoexacttarget.
33. $gftpaoinfusionsoft (unknown)
The gftpaoinfusionsoft.
34. $gftpaoymlp (unknown)
The gftpaoymlp.
35. $gftpaodpspxpay (unknown)
The gftpaodpspxpay.
36. $gftpaoqlimit (unknown)
The gftpaoqlimit.
37. $gftpaobluepay (unknown)
The gftpaobluepay.
38. $gftpaopaystation (unknown)
The gftpaopaystation.
39. $gftpaogffdgg (unknown)
The gftpaogffdgg.
40. $gftpaomarketo (unknown)
The gftpaomarketo.
41. $gftpaohighrisecrm (unknown)
The gftpaohighrisecrm.
42. $gftpaoconvio (unknown)
The gftpaoconvio.
43. $gftpaohighrisekatz (unknown)
The gftpaohighrisekatz.
44. $gftpaogfperiodicmails (unknown)
The gftpaogfperiodicmails.
45. $gfextensions (unknown)
The gfextensions.
46. $extensions (unknown)
The extensions.
47. $extpideal (unknown)
The extpideal.
48. $extpidealpayments (unknown)
The extpidealpayments.
49. $extpidealconfigurations (unknown)
The extpidealconfigurations.
50. $extgfsolve360 (unknown)
The extgfsolve360.
51. $gftpaogravityperks (unknown)
The gftpaogravityperks.
52. $gftpaogfstyler (unknown)
The gftpaogfstyler.
53. $gfgroup (unknown)
The gfgroup.


To run the hook, copy the example below.
  1. $menu_items = apply_filters( 'ddw_gftb_menu_items', $menu_items, $prefix, $gravitybar, $gfsupport, $gfdocs, $gffaq, $gfsites, $gfsettings, $gfsubsettings, $gfforms, $gfformlist, $gfentries, $gfimportexport, $gfaddonsinstalled, $gfaoauthorizenet, $gfaoaweber, $gfaocampaignmonitor, $gfaocoupons, $gfaofreshbooks, $gfaomailchimp, $gfaopaypal, $gfaopaypalpaymentspro, $gfaopaypalpro, $gfaotwilio, $gfaouserreg, $gftpaopideal, $gftpaostripe, $gftpaowysija, $gftpaoshootq, $gftpaoconstantcontact, $gftpaoicontact, $gftpaomadmimi, $gftpaoexacttarget, $gftpaoinfusionsoft, $gftpaoymlp, $gftpaodpspxpay, $gftpaoqlimit, $gftpaobluepay, $gftpaopaystation, $gftpaogffdgg, $gftpaomarketo, $gftpaohighrisecrm, $gftpaoconvio, $gftpaohighrisekatz, $gftpaogfperiodicmails, $gfextensions, $extensions, $extpideal, $extpidealpayments, $extpidealconfigurations, $extgfsolve360, $gftpaogravityperks, $gftpaogfstyler, $gfgroup ); 
  3. if ( !empty( $menu_items ) ) { 
  5. // everything has led up to this point... 
The following example is for adding a hook callback.
  1. // define the ddw_gftb_menu_items callback 
  2. function filter_ddw_gftb_menu_items( $menu_items, $prefix, $gravitybar, $gfsupport, $gfdocs, $gffaq, $gfsites, $gfsettings, $gfsubsettings, $gfforms, $gfformlist, $gfentries, $gfimportexport, $gfaddonsinstalled, $gfaoauthorizenet, $gfaoaweber, $gfaocampaignmonitor, $gfaocoupons, $gfaofreshbooks, $gfaomailchimp, $gfaopaypal, $gfaopaypalpaymentspro, $gfaopaypalpro, $gfaotwilio, $gfaouserreg, $gftpaopideal, $gftpaostripe, $gftpaowysija, $gftpaoshootq, $gftpaoconstantcontact, $gftpaoicontact, $gftpaomadmimi, $gftpaoexacttarget, $gftpaoinfusionsoft, $gftpaoymlp, $gftpaodpspxpay, $gftpaoqlimit, $gftpaobluepay, $gftpaopaystation, $gftpaogffdgg, $gftpaomarketo, $gftpaohighrisecrm, $gftpaoconvio, $gftpaohighrisekatz, $gftpaogfperiodicmails, $gfextensions, $extensions, $extpideal, $extpidealpayments, $extpidealconfigurations, $extgfsolve360, $gftpaogravityperks, $gftpaogfstyler, $gfgroup ) { 
  3. // make filter magic happen here... 
  4. return $menu_items
  5. }; 
  7. // add the filter 
  8. add_filter( 'ddw_gftb_menu_items', 'filter_ddw_gftb_menu_items', 10, 54 ); 
To remove a hook callback, use the example below.
  1. // remove the filter 
  2. remove_filter( 'ddw_gftb_menu_items', 'filter_ddw_gftb_menu_items', 10, 54 ); 

Defined (1)

The filter is defined in the following location(s).

  1. $menu_items = (array) apply_filters( 'ddw_gftb_menu_items', $menu_items,