The Gravity Forms Data Persistence Add-On Reloaded ri add persistency tooltips function.


ri_add_persistency_tooltips( $tooltips ); 

Parameters (1)

0. $tooltips
The tooltips.


  1. if ( !function_exists( 'ri_add_persistency_tooltips' ) ) { 
  2. require_once ABSPATH . PLUGINDIR . 'gravity-forms-data-persistence-add-on-reloaded/gravity-forms-data-persistence-add-on-reloaded.php'; 
  4. // The tooltips. 
  5. $tooltips = null; 
  7. // NOTICE! Understand what this does before running. 
  8. $result = ri_add_persistency_tooltips($tooltips); 

Defined (1)

The function is defined in the following location(s).

  1. function ri_add_persistency_tooltips( $tooltips ) { 
  2. $tooltips["ri_gfdp_persist"] = "<h6>Persistency</h6>Select to save users progress with form so they may continue at another time."; 
  3. $tooltips["ri_gfdp_persist_guest"] = "<h6>Guest Persitency</h6>Persist Data for users not logged into WordPress. This is done by an identifiier cookie."; 
  4. $tooltips["ri_gfdp_multiple_entries"] = "<h6>Multiple Entries Allowed</h6>This will allow multiple entry from same user. User can not edit their last and the previous entry not removed from the entry list"; 
  5. $tooltips['ri_gfdp_no_persist'] = '<h6>No Persist</h6>Checking this will removed this field(s) from the persistence data. User will have to re-enter information upon returning to the form. This does not affect the submission of an entry. Useful for sensitive information.'; 
  6. $tooltips['ri_gfdp_clear_persist'] = '<h6>Clear Persist</h6>This option will delete the persistence data when a form is submitted. Allow the user to return to a fresh blank form.'; 
  7. $tooltips['ri_gfdp_persist_duration'] = '<h6>Persistence Duration</h6>The duration you want the data to be available to the user. Leave blank for no limit.'; 
  8. $tooltips['ri_gfdp_purge_data'] = '<h6>Purge Data</h6>Clears all persistence data related to this form from the database'; 
  10. return $tooltips;